vegetable garden plan

Vegetable Garden Plan

This series of posts is almost a year late. Last year my sister and I decided to get serious about vegetable gardening, so we moved the few beds that were on the north side of the property into a 40’x30′ plot on the south side. We had avoided the south side before because of the wind factor. In our dry climate, the constant wind will quickly dry out the best of gardens. Our solution? Build a wind wall around the area worst hit by the southerly drafts.
Setting everything up from scratch was no small feat, which is why I didn’t have time to post as we went.
Here is a slide show of the entire setup—from a field of grass to the completed vegetable garden. I will add detailed posts for each of the stages as I can get to the computer.

How We Built Our Vegetable Garden

1. Preparing the Location
2. Building a Wind Wall
3. Installing Drip Irrigation
4. Rain Water Collection
5. Covering Pathways
6. Cold Zone Frost Protection

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