tissue paper chandelier

Tissue Paper Chandelier

My sister’s birthday is close to Valentine’s Day, so her parties always end up having a red heart motif.
This year I decided to focus on the centerpiece above the table–the chandelier. I bought some red heart tissue paper, and in half an hour transformed our clunky light fixture into a Valentine’s themed chandelier.
Your light fixture will probably not look exactly like ours, but the two basic elements of this craft–streamers and flowers–can be added to any light fixture or piece of furniture for a sweet Valentine’s effect.

paper streamer craft

Tissue streamers

How to Make Paper Streamers

1. Cut a piece of tissue paper wide enough to fit around the object you want to attach it to and as long as you like.
2. Cut the bottom part of the rectangle in 1/2 inch strips. Do not cut the strips all the way up.
3. Tape the uncut part of the streamers around the object they are to decorate.

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

tissue paper flower craft   tissue flower craft   tissue paper flowers
1. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half. Repeat until you have eight or more layers.
2. Cut a square out of the folded piece.
3. Optional: stagger the squares so the corners do not match up.
4. Staple the center of the square through all layers.
5. Scrunch up each layer at a time to form a flower.

tissue paper chandelier

Pretty in Red


chandelier before decorations


I attached the flowers to the tissue paper streamers with clear tape folded around on itself.
P.S. I also added a tinsel boa around the top of the light fixture to complete the look, but I’m not sure it added anything of value.

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