steampunk lamp

Steampluck Lamp

This is my favorite of the upcycled lamp series. I found a plain glass lamp body that was open at the bottom and decided to make a romantic version of a steampunk lamp with it. Someone had given me a bag full of old clockwork, so I hot glued and magnet-attached some parts together into a steampunk look for the base. I also had a large spotlight that I wanted to use, but didn’t know how to drill through the thick face glass. I ended up taking it to a glass shop and they drilled a hole for me. I drilled out the screw top and fished the lamp’s wiring through it with a very thin wire, then glued the light tightly in place inside the glass lamp base.
The feather shade is nothing but a couple white boas hot-glued onto a standard lamp shade. I love the soft/hard combination! A bit of pomp and a bit of whimsy. See if you can combine fluff and wires in your own lamp project.
This video shows the steps for making this lamp.

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