beaded cuff bracelets

Upcycled beaded cuff bracelet

Savvy Practicality challenged me to come up with a beaded metal cuff bracelet. This is my response to the challenge.
Since I’m always working on irrigation issues around here, I’ve got plenty of PVC pipe lying around. This beaded cuff bracelet is a piece of PVC upcycled with stainless steel paint to look like a metal cuff. The beads are sewn on with nylon thread. The inspiration for the quirky design is the Gustav Klimt print “The Kiss” hanging up in our living room.

beaded cuff bracelets are easy

What is it made of?

I showed the finished bracelet to my artsy niece who is a hot shot production person at Nashelle’s. Considering the quality of bracelets they make at Nashelle’s, she wasn’t very impressed with my version. She wanted to know what I made my cuff out of. I said “PVC.” She said, “Figures.”
Anyway, this video shows exactly how I upcycled the pvc into a metal cuff and then how I sewed random beads on it for the prettiest ever $2 metal cuff bracelet.

Whatever the folks at Nashelle’s may think, I like my bracelet.

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