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Punk from Junk

This week is the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. And tonight is the ball where all the celebs display their designers’ interpretations of punk.
Of course I wanna be there, so–as we sometimes do with the Oscars here at home–I’m “going to the MET ball” right here on the farm. Get all dressed up and prance around for the geese, dogs, and deer.
The dress? A “punk from junk” made from a bed sheet, a tractor inner tube, a bunch of bike parts, and coffee filters. A little bit chaos, a little bit couture… and a lot of DIY.

Steampunk Outfit from Junk

Here is a video composite of my steampunk outfit including a skirt made from a bed sheet, a bustle made from a tractor inner tube and coffee filters, a Victorian necklace made from bicycle parts, shoes decorated with bike parts, and makeup using leather and a bike chain.

You can make your own steampunk outfit by pulling together any (and preferably all) the elements of steampunk: lots of flouncy fabric, leather, metal, lace, and velvet. There is no need for symmetry. You can have a sleek leather glove on one hand and a lace and ribbons glove on the other. Preferable colors in your outfit: red, saffron, purple, black and white stripes. Things to avoid: floral prints! Think Victorian meets Katniss Everdeen.

Victorian Necklace

necklace from bike parts

Victorian Necklace

Full instructions for this necklace can be found on Instructables under Victorian Bicycle Chain Necklace. I made it using two pieces of bicycle chain long enough to fit around my neck, ten bicycle wheel spokes, ten clear tubes (from acupuncture needles), and some beads. You’ll need a good pair of needle nose pliers to make this necklace.

Steampunk Bustle

Don’t laugh, but this Victorian style bustle is made from a tractor inner tube. The inner tube bulges when you open it up, making it a perfect material for a “bubble butt” skirt. The white stripes are electrical tape, and the white lace around the edge is made from scrunched coffee filters.

Punk Your Shoes

punked shoes

Punk your Shoes

An easy way to punk your shoes is to use–again–bicycle parts. For these shoes, I took apart a section of bike chain and glued the individual link pieces to the strap around the top of the boot. Then I wired and glued a bicycle derailer to the outer side of the boot. You’ll have to use boots that you don’t care to ruin, as the only way to really attach a derailer to your shoes is with epoxy glue.

Steampunk Makeup

Well, I had intended to show how to do steampunk makeup in this video, but I made the mistake of glueing the leather piece over one of my eyes FIRST, and after that I couldn’t see worth beans to do my makeup on the other eye. But I do show how I made the leather and chain half mask and well as how I used ribbon to pull back the bulldog droop around my mouth–a cheap homemade face lift! For the rest of my makeup I used very light concealer and foundation on my skin and then went to town with black eyeliner all around my eyes and lips. Oh, yes–giant fake eyelashes are a must!

Exhausting, but fun!
Can you show me your Punk fashion idea?

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