Pendant garden light

Wire and Algae Outdoor Luminary

After experimenting with pond algae as an alternative heating fuel, I experimented further and made this outdoor pendant lamp using chicken wire and algae. It’s a very inexpensive and easy way to make a lighted garden sculpture. The chicken wire allows you you to easily create any shape you want, and if you have an irrigation pond like mine, the papery shell created by the algae is free.
This is how I made my outdoor pendant light:
1. Make a shape out of small mesh chicken wire. I made a cylinder, sewing up the seam with thin wire.
2. Bend the wire mesh into a desired shape.
3. Pour algae over the mesh until it is all covered. Allow the algae to dry.
4. Spray the dried lighting sculpture with a fixing spray. I used Krylon’s “Make it Last” clear seal.
5. Paint the inside of the sculpture (optional). I used white spray paint and then hand-painted some glow-in-the-dark paint as well.

chicken mesh garden sculptureOutdoor wire luminaryoutdoor garden light sculpturepainting algae light

6. Bend a couple pieces of sturdy wire and hook them to the top of the light sculpture. Insert a set of string lights (I used an outdoor battery operated set of lights).
7. Hang the finished luminary in your garden. It will withstand all weather conditions.

garden sculpture with string lightsoutdoor mesh pendant lightPendant garden light

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