kaleidoscope lens

Kaleidoscope Looking Glass

Here’s yet another fun activity you can do with your kids using PVC: make a kaleidoscope looking glass. What’s the difference between a regular kaleidoscope and a looking glass one? The first one shows you beads in a different geometric pattern, and the second turns everything around you into a cool refracted pattern. You can also use the looking glass version as a lens on your camera to take interesting still photos and even more interesting movies. Check out the last part of the video below to see how the kaleidoscope lens works (and what you will see when you put the looking glass to your eye).
What you will need:
3 old CDs
Piece of 1 3/4″ PVC pipe
Toilet paper roll
Piece of paper towel
Tin snips
Permanent marker
Dry erase pen

Place the ruler in the center of a CD and mark both sides with a permanent marker. Cut on the lines with a tin snip. Repeat with the other two CDs.
Cut a piece of the 1 3/4″ PVC pipe to be as long as the strips of CD.
Tape the three CD strips together as shown in the video
Insert the CD triangle into the toilet paper roll
Wrap a piece of paper towel around the toilet paper roll and insert it into the PVC.
Your kaleidoscope looking glass is ready to use!


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