kinetic leaf art

Kinetic Leaf Art

Here’s a quick way to make a fall (or any season) kinetic wall art piece:
Paint a canvas some vivid color and hang it on the wall (this canvas was painted in anticipation of a future oil painting. While it was drying, I decided to…)
For a fall or Thanksgiving theme, print pictures of autumn leaves on card stock (in different sizes) and glue them back to back with rubber cement. Trim the edges so there are no odd white edges.
Hang the leaf pairs from the ceiling with clear tacks and black sewing thread at different lengths and alternating distances from the canvas.
The leaves will move ever so slightly with the air movement in your home and make an energizing impact.

(This piece of kinetic wall art became kinetic ceiling art over Mom’s bed right after Thanksgiving).

For a Christmas theme, hang various ornaments from the ceiling in front of the canvas. Hang at least one giant ornament in the mix. It’s easy. It’s impressive. It’s fun.

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