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Remove Water Stains on Wood

See this ugly white water stain on our piano bench? The bench (and piano) aren’t even ours, which makes the stain even uglier.
I intended to sand it down and refinish it before the owners claimed it back, but today that plan got replaced by a much easier way to remove water marks from wood furniture. I heard that ironing the stain with a damp cloth would lift it off, but didn’t really believe it. So I videotaped myself doing exactly that just in case it worked and I could make a believer out of you.

water stain wood

No More Stain

It’s true. You can take water stains on wood off with a damp cloth and a hot iron! It took me about 15 minutes to get this piano bench looking better than it did when we got it.
Steps for Removing a Water Stain from Wood:
1. Spray water on an absorbent pillow case.
2. Get your iron as hot as it will get.
3. Place the damp pillowcase moist-side-down on the water mark.
4. Iron with continuous motion for about 10 minutes.
5. Remove the pillowcase and continue ironing for a couple minutes with dry heat only, MOVING THE IRON CONSTANTLY.
6. Buff with furniture polish.

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