Little Black Dress

The Fitted Black Dress

There is nothing more basic to a woman’s closet than the little black dress. It is simple, yet elegant; tailored, yet comfortable. And every girl should have one.
This post is for those who can’t afford to buy the perfect little black Rebecca Taylor dress (even on on sale). This post is for those who, like me, have to settle for “the little black thrift store dress.” And make it fit.
A couple weeks ago, my sister brought home a bag of clothes she got in a clothing exchange, and in that bag was the almost-perfect black dress of my dreams. It was tailored, fully lined, and had a long, invisible zipper down the back. The only problem was that it was too big on top. So, to make this black dress fit, I decided to take in the side seams—which was only a small challenge, thanks to the lining. Below is the video of me re-sizing my dress.

Adjusting the Side Seams on a Lined Dress

Adjusting the Bust Size

Audrey Hepburn Dress

I thought of including tips on taking in the bust size, but then realized there is a better solution to this problem: why not increase your bust size to fit the dress? If you use my tutorial for making your own false breasts, you can easily enhance your bust size in less than 30 minutes. All you need are a pair of latex gloves, some plastic food wrap, contact cement, and tapioca flour! And you can experiment with different sizes to your heart’s content.
Doing the breast augmentation is ideal especially if you have or buy an Audrey Hepburn retro style dress shown here. With that straight-across neck cut, you can hide a multitude of you-know-what.
Click on the dress link to check out the styles and colors of this and similar dresses.
Be creative in dressing up your basic dress: add gloves, hats, and all sorts of bling for fun and fashion!

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