paint Halloween skeleton hands

Paint Halloween Skeleton Hands

This tutorial is for my great nephew who is dressing as a skeleton this Halloween. He has a black t-shirt and black pants that we are going to paint with white paint to look like a skeleton, but what will he do with his hands and face? Paint them skeleton-like too.
This tutorial is for the hands. You will need a dark makeup pencil or Halloween paint and a white makeup or paint. Then, wherever you feel bones sticking out (such as your knuckles) paint them white. Connect the knuckles with skinny white “bones.”
To make the bones stand out really good, go over all the “flesh” on your hands with a dark makeup pencil or Halloween paint. Just like I do in this video:

P.S. The photo above is done with brown and sparkly white eye shadow, and the video is done with black and white Halloween paint. The eye shadow may look better, but the paint stays on longer. Choose the one you like best, and go with it!


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