how to make rice

How to Make Rice

Having grown up in Bolivia and Brazil, I don’t think of making rice as a challenge because we made it pretty much twice a day every day (and sometimes three times a day if we were making sweet rice for breakfast). But I hear that not everyone knows how to make simple, fluffy, white rice. So here is a video showing how we do it down south.

How to Make Fluffy White Rice on the Stove

1. Wash the rice in a colander if you wish. Pick out any debris such as stones. In the U.S., white rice is already washed and polished, so you don’t need to wash and pick it.
2. Heat a bit of olive oil in a sauce pan.
3. Put water on to boil in a separate pan.
4. Brown some chopped-up onion or garlic in the first sauce pan.
5. Add dry rice to the sauce pan. Saute for 5 minutes.
6. Add 2 cups of hot water for every cup of rice to the sauce pan.
7. Cover and simmer until done. DO NOT STIR UNTIL DONE. Let sit a few minutes before serving.

P.S. I used the Fuji Finepix S4500 to record this high definition video. It’s a pretty good piece of equipment for $180! (That was with a coupon). It’s still pretty affordable at Amazon. Check it out.

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