make a drum

Make Your Own Drum

Here is the last of my PVC projects for this summer: a drum (percussion instrument) made out of a very large PVC joint and a piece of inner tube rubber. It took me about 15 minutes to make and cost me a small donation at the local salvage yard.
For this project you will need a large piece of PVC, a piece of truck inner tube, 8 medium grommets, and 8 screws.

Make a Simple Drum

Find a large section of PVC such as the elbow in the picture above.
Cut a piece of inner tube rubber two inches bigger around than the opening of the PVC.
Drill 8 holes around the PVC about 4 inches below the rim. Screw 8 screws into the holes. Leave the screws sticking out 1/4 inch.
Install 8 medium grommets around the inner tube circle about 1/2 inch from the edge.
Stretch the inner tube around the drum and hook the grommets onto the screw heads.
Your drum is done and ready to be played!

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