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Lengthen Curtains

My sister and I recently remodeled Mom’s bedroom to give it a fresher, more country look. It was originally a deep golden yellow with orange-ish dark wood trim and doors, and we changed the color scheme to light blue and white with dark brown accents, after something we saw in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
One of the details we had to decide on was what color and length to make the curtains. We wanted the floor-length kind with large grommets and preferably with blackout lining. The two existing sets of curtains were oatmeal color with white blackout lining, but one set was short, and they were all the gathered-at-the-top kind (hard to pull closed and open).
After searching for two brown, floor-length sets, I brought some home and held them up to the freshly-painted walls. It was instantly clear that the dark brown would not do.
Why not–my sister suggested–take the existing curtains and lengthen the short ones?
“But then”, said I, “how do we make them match?”

drape clip rings

Clip Rings

The solution was to add a second piece of fabric to all the curtains. This lengthened one set and upgraded the other set and gave us matching long curtains with blackout lining for both windows.
As for the grommets, we found some classy ring hooks that worked even better than grommets because they added height to the curtains.
Below is a video showing how I measured and cut and sewed the old curtains into new, floor-length curtains.

Lengthening Curtains or Drapes

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