Bee nest removal

Ground Bee's Nest Removed

You may remember my post about a party we had this summer where a bunch of kids were running around the yard and ran into a yellow jacket nest in the ground (and in the dark). Our first concern was to figure out what to do for the bee stings. Since it was dark out, there was no way to go hunting for the nest in our acre-size back yard. Instead, I waited til morning and followed the trail of shoes and footprints until I came to a clump of dry grass where a few bees were flying in and out of the ground. I watched until I was pretty sure this was the yellow jacket nest, and began to plan:

How to Get Rid of a Bee Nest in the Ground

kill a bee nest

Footprints Near the Nest

1. Observe the area you suspect until you find where the bees are coming in and out of. Mark the spot.
2. Wait until after dark or just before sunrise when bees are dormant.
3. Cover your body as completely as you can in case all the bees are not asleep.
4. Empty the entire contents of a wasp/yellow jacket killer spray can into the opening of the nest.
5. Wait a few hours before overturning the nest in the ground, or knocking it off the eaves of a house.


Overturned Yellow Jacket Nest

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