Simple Felt HatYou can go overboard with hat decorations. I prefer to have a clean profile with a punch of WOW on one side of the hat. It makes people watch you just to see you turn your head around to reveal a different look.

Here is the final step for making the hat above:
7. Decorate with felt pieces, buttons, ribbons, etc. You can either hand-stitch the decorations onto your hat or glue them with hot glue.

Tips: You can make inexpensive wool felt by buying wool coats from thrift stores and shrinking them in a wash/dry cycle. As for the hat form, my styrofoam head was very small, so you may have to shop for a head form that is 21-22 inches around (normal head size).
For more hat decorating ideas, see post DIY Millinery: Fascinators

Felt Flower PetalsPin Felt Flowers to Hat

Felt hat back

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