DIY False BreastsSo once I figured out how to make a latex-like substance for special effects makeup, I had to see if it would also work to make fake breasts. If it did, that would solve a difficulty for all kinds of women (and perhaps men). Women wanting to make their breasts bigger could practice with different sizes before they committed to breast augmentation surgery. Mastectomy patients could also practice with different sizes before deciding on reconstruction surgery. Or they could forgo surgery altogether and make their own breasts—different sizes for different moods.
The experiment worked on the first try. I can’t believe how easy it was to make fake breasts!
After making the fake boobs, I tested them for “staying power.” I put the falsies in my bra early in the morning and wore them until I got tired of them in the afternoon. During that time, I did my normal caregiving duties: got Mom out of bed, go her showered, changed, and fed. Then we went on an outing to the Fall Festival downtown. I put Mom in the car, put the wheelchair in the trunk, drove with the seatbelt squishing my left breast, took Mom out of the car and wheeled her around the art booths, then repeated it all in reverse. Yes, my sister accompanied me, but that breast got into the action and survived the day unhurt.
DIY False BreastsHere’s the best part. All you need to make fake breasts are:
* Six tablespoons tapioca flour
* One cup water
* Saran wrap
* A latex glove
* Contact cement
* A small, deep bowl
* Hypafix medical tape
Go to my post on homemade latex and watch how I make the contents of the false breasts. Then watch the video below to see how I made a casing for them.

As a rule of thumb, one recipe above will yield enough for two 1/2-cup breasts. And that will roughly augment your breasts one full size. So, you need to make one cup of the recipe to go from an A to a B. Two cups of recipe to go from an A to a C.
I must say, I felt like I was being downgraded from a AAA to a C in my experiment around town. Large breasts are not for me. Flat is fabulous. : )

I’ve heard of using balloons for fake breasts, but the advantage of this breast over the balloon breast is that the shape is more realistic. One side of the false breast is flat (like your chest), and the other sags naturally like a real breast. AND this homemade version does not have a little knot in it that you have to hide. This version has a small rim that is taped flat to the skin. Another advantage is that this false breast does not have to be used with a bra at all. Using the Hypafix tape–which is soft and contours nicely to the skin–the fake boob looks natural even without a bra (by the way, if you do wear it with a bra, don’t use a push-up. An underwire bra with very little padding is the best type to hold in your new boobs).

Fake Breast using Fauxtex

Since writing the above, I’ve come up with a better homemade latex substitute recipe by adding gelatin to the original recipe (see Fauxtex). In the video below I show how to make Fauxtex breast augmentation and how to wear them so they look natural. The proportions used were 1 cup water to 3 tablespoons tapioca flour to 1 packet of plain gelatin (adding a squirt of skin-colored foundation to give the breasts a realistic color).

DIY Fake Breasts

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