Zombie effects makeup

Make Zombie FX Makeup

This zombie makeup uses a variation on my Homemade Latex Substitute recipe. The same ingredients but a different method so the end result is much more “gummy” than the standard fauxtex.
In the regular recipe, you will add all the ingredients into the pan and cook. In this recipe the GELATIN is added AFTER REMOVING THE PAN FROM HEAT. You will then have to stir in the gelatin for a good five minutes to completely dissolve it in the gummy tapioca mix. Once you don’t see any more granules, let the mixture sit TWO HOURS to cool and set. Apply with a plastic knife as I did in the video below.
You may also try adding stuff to this makeup, such as toilet paper for a different texture, or peas stuck right into the makeup for a different kind of bulk. Experiment. Come back and show us your stuff.

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