Grommet machineThis is going to be short, so sit loosely. All I want to do here is tell you about a grommet machine I got from It was a gift, so this is sort-of a sponsored post.
So I spent all of last week upcycling a pair of regular rain boots into a pair of fashion-forward, thigh-high wading boots. Like I did last year, except that this year I had the help of a grommet punching machine! And one thing I discovered about having a machine versus using a hammer and brick for punching grommets is that you can go to town with grommets and use them decoratively as well as functionally. I assure you, I would not have used 92 grommets if I hadn’t had a heavy-duty puncher. So much fun!
Anyway, this post is not about the waders. That’s coming soon. This post is just about the grommet machine. Specifically:

How to Use a Grommet Machine

As the grommet punching machine I got from did not have much in the way of instructions, I made a video for you. It explains how to change the different dies out for the different sized grommets and how to make it easier to use by pulling out the annoying pin that holds the main shaft somewhat “up.” Frustrated me to no end until I figured out that simple little move. Here is the video:

how to use a grommet machine

See? SO MUCH EASIER than using a hammer and brick! In short, I recommend it highly. So, for all you diy freaks like me, here is a link so you can shop for your own grommet machine. Don’t worry… I’m not getting any kickbacks from sales. Just sharing a great tool.

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