15 minute chandelier

15 Minute Chandelier

I recently saw a cool floor lamp made out of cardboard where the light shines through all the cells in the cardboard to make a spectacular pattern on the wall. I wanted to do something like for our black & white holiday party, but didn’t have the time to do it exactly like the cardboard floor lamp.
This is my 15 minute version of a lamp that splashes rectangular shapes on the wall and is suitable for a Christmas or New Year theme. I added silver Christmas ornaments all around the bottom of the lamp for extra bling.

Christmas Chandelier How To:

Step 1. Wrap a length of wire mesh around an existing chandelier. Allow an extra half inch of overlap. Cut and remove from the light fixture.
Step 2. Hot glue the wire mesh together at the half inch overlap.
Step 3. Place the wire mesh around the light fixture and attach with wire from at least three places.
easy Christmas chandelierStep 4. Print several sheets of white paper with random black shapes.
Step 5. Measure the the height of the wire mesh and cut the sheets of paper the same height.
Step 6. Tape as many sheets of paper together to go around the wire mesh.
Step 7. Cut random peep holes on the papers.
Step 8. Insert the paper wrap-around between the mesh and the chandelier and tape it in place.
Step 9. Hang ornaments or crystal teardrops from the bottom edge of the wire mesh.
Your Christmas chandelier is done!

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