felted string lights

Easy Felted Lights

Last week my sister and I took Mom out for a little window shopping, and we saw some lovely felted art in one of the shops. One of the items we saw was a string of lights with felted flowers cupping each light. They were beautiful! These lights would be ideal for parties, the holidays (e.g. in fall colors), or home decor (especially a kid’s room).
Since I’d recently learned how to wet felt a scarf, I decided to try to make a set of these felted lights and teach you at the same time.
The video below shows these steps:

  • Wrap a ping pong ball with wool roving.
  • Wet the roving with hot soapy water.

  • Massage the ball until the roving is tightly felted around the ping pong ball.
  • Let the felted ball dry.
felted ping pong balls

Felted balls

  • Paint a coat of watered-down glue on the felted ball and let it dry.
  • Cut the ball in two and remove from the ping pong ball.
  • Cut a small hole in the bottom of each “felted flower.”
  • Insert a light from a string of lights into the hole and glue with hot glue.

That’s it! Enjoy your own felted light creation.

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