Homemade floating garden

DIY Floating Garden

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to make a floating garden for a backyard pond.
I’ve had an ongoing battle with my pond trying to keep the algae from taking over. One thing I did was buy a bunch of goldfish to eat the algae. I started with 50 goldfish and now thanks to large birds, I’m down to 12 fish because they have nothing to hide under when the blue herons come around.
I’ve wanted to make some kind of floating thing for the goldfish to hide under, and finally came up with this floating garden. So easy and pretty!

How to Make a Floating Garden

1. Remove all the spokes from a bicycle wheel rim.
2. Drill 10 or 12 holes in a large bicycle gear.
3. Poke spokes through the holes in the gear and bend upward to form a bowl.

4. Bend the tips of the bicycle spokes and poke them through holes in the wheel rim. Tighten them with spoke nuts.
5. Wrap pipe insulation around the bicyle wheel.
6. Place either a planter base and flower pot into the floating “bowl,” or make a hydroponic garden setup inside the floating rim (not shown here).
You can watch the steps in this video:

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