Bat Christmas ornament

Angry Bat Ornament

Here is an easy ornament craft you can do with your kids. I call it the Angry Bat ornament (they’re angry because they’ve been left out of the angry birds hype, and they’re swarming the Christmas trees!).
Here’s a free PDF pattern. Feel free to use it any way you want. You can make it as simple or as fancy as you want with paint, feathers, etc.

How to make a felt bat ornament:

1. Cut out one bat from grey or black felt.
2. Cut out one set of eyes from white felt. Draw pupils in the upper part of the eyes (to make it look like the eyelids are half shut).
3. Optional: cut out eyebrows from black felt.
4. Paint the back side of the bat with school glue. You can leave the inner part of the wings without glue for a softer feel.
5. Set the bat craft to dry over a pair of empty toilet paper rolls. This will give the bat’s wings a curve so they look like they’re in flight.
6. Glue a loop of string to the back of the bat’s head. I used hot glue because I’m impatient.
7. Glue the eyes onto the bat’s face. Do the same with the eyebrows if you made any. Your bat ornament is done.
8. Optional: paint the bat’s wing bones on with silver or white paint and glue a feather onto the body (see feature image for example).

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