I was telling a friend of mine about the felt hats that I learned to make (look up millinery craft), and she said I should try my hand at fascinators. I’d never heard the word fascinator, much less knew what they were. She said to Google Kate Middleton, and I’d see lots of pics of her wearing a fascinator in her hair. I did, and oo-la-la, I’m now a big fan of these hair decorations. Of course I had to try my hand at them!
Also, since I’m a huge fan of magnets, I decided to make magnetic fascinators that could be worn either on a headband or on a hat. In fact, by using two magnets (one tucked inside a hat or glued to a headband) and one outside, you can quickly throw together any number of decorative elements and be ready for a New Year’s night out on the town (or an afternoon tea).
Here are some examples of the hat and headband fascinators I made:

For a visual of how I put these decorations together, watch this video:


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