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Design a Produce Bouquet

It’s fall, all the garden produce has gone to seed and it’s time to till everything back into the ground. But before doing that, why not turn your garden produce into a lovely harvest bouquet? The Thanksgiving table could always use a centerpiece with a harvest design, so you might as well put your veggies and herbs into a bouquet.
My green-thumbed sister does this every fall, and here are some of her designs:
The Squash bouquet. In this one she literally took all the produce from her garden–lettuce, spinach, nasturtium flowers, tomatoes, sage, and squash flowers–and placed them in a terra cota pot. The design was so stunning, I ended up doing an oil painting of it. That’s the featured image in this post.
Unfortunately, she didn’t take step-by-step pictures of this bouquet, so I asked her to do one the following year. This time her bouquet featured her giant sunflowers and some yellow berries from I don’t know where (the mountain ash tree? Or maybe they’re tiny flowers. I need glasses). She did make the point that you need to insert a smaller container into the ceramic pot to contain the flowers and to keep the water from draining through the hole in the bottom of the pot.
garden producediy fall bouquetsunflowersFall bouquet design

This year she one-upped herself and did a very clever bouquet using a pumpkin as the vase. First, she cut the top off the pumpkin and scooped out the guts. Then she cut some windows into the side of the pumpkin vase. This allowed her to add flowers into the side of the pumpkin for a fuller bouquet design.
Here are pics of her pumpkin harvest bouquet:

pumpkin vase bouquetpumpkin vase bouquet

And that’s to inspire you to try your hand at a harvest themed bouquet!

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