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DIY Couture Waders

When I made these couture waders, I had no idea Prada had already brought waders into the world of high fashion.
My waders were made out of necessity. I often have to wade into our mucky irrigation pond, and the water boots I had were too short. Also, fishermen’s waders were too big and too expensive. So I did what any DIY freak will do: extended my water boots with innertube rubber, then added couture elements for the fun of it (because my sister wanted me to turn them into “couture”).
The result? The prettiest pink and black couture waders anyone could own.

Extend Water Boots into Waders

You will need the following to make fashion waders out of water boots: car or truck inner tube, shoe glue, porcelain paint, hooks or buckles. Cutting and gluing the inner tube rubber to the tops of water boots is a little tricky, so I made a video to show exactly how to do it.

Here are some important tips if you want to make your own: work in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside), and use plenty of shoe glue not only to glue the pieces together but to seal all the seams on the outside. You will have to test the boots several times to find tiny leaks and seal them.
I hope this tutorial was helpful.

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