clean sharpie ink from white board

Clean permanent marker ink

I work in a coffee shop where the walls are made of mellamine (dry erase board), and we’re always writing notes and quotes all over the wall. Sometimes when we’re not fully awake, the zombie in us takes over and grabs a permanent marker to write the notes and quotes.
That’s a problem if you think permanent pens are permanent, but they aren’t.
Here’s a quick tip on how to clean permanent marker ink from a white board and other smooth surfaces.
All you need is a dry erase pen! Just “erase” the permanent ink with your dry erase pen, then wipe off the dry erase pen marks and you’re done. That is, if you are working with a perfectly smooth dry erase board. If it’s scratched, go over it again with window cleaner and you’ll have your white board back to new!

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