Ukrainian Easter EggsHere is a video tutorial for a basketful of Ukrainian Easter eggs–also known as pysanky. The Ukrainian method of Easter egg dyeing resembles batik where you use wax to block areas from the dye. You work in layers, blocking out the lightest colors first, then adding layer after layer of dye and wax resist. Once the layers are done, you then melt the wax to reveal the complete design. This last step is very satisfying, making this a great activity for the whole family to work on together.
That is exactly what you will see in the video below: Spring break with a bunch of cousins sitting around the kitchen island dyeing Easter eggs together.
There is no end to the designs that you can make with this Ukrainian dyeing method. Pysanky are known for their intricate geometric designs, but you can use simple organic designs as well. You can search the internet for ideas by typing in “pysanky.”
I hope you try and enjoy this ancient craft idea.

Here are things you will need:

Eggs (I like to blow mine out, but you don’t have to)
Food coloring
Containers for dye
Kistkas (you can make a kistka or buy them)
Paper towels
A design (you can make your own or free pysanky designs one)

When you have everything ready, watch this video and follow the steps carefully

Easter egg dye

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